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Israel and the Middle East:

     The Arab world says, "We want Peace!" This could hardly be farther from the truth. The sacred book of the Muslims, the Koran, says that Islam's goal is to annihilate Israel, and then the West! They even say something like; First we will kill the Saturday people, and then the Sunday people! Islam is not a peace loving religion.
     However, many "Muslims" are peaceful. This merely shows that they are not very true to their religion. The faithful Muslims are those who commit suicide attacks on non-Muslim countries.
     The media calls those who fight for Islam "extremists" or "fanatics". They are not "extremists"; they are true followers of Islam.
     The events of September 11, 2001 were caused by followers of Islam. All nineteen hijackers were Muslims. The Taliban are Muslims. The suicide bombers are Muslims. Islam is not a peaceful religion!
     Luckily, there are very few Muslims who are that faithful to their religion. If all Muslims were true to their faith, (and God didn't intervene) the world would probably have been completely destroyed long ago.

     The Arabs hate Israel, and are trying to push it into the water. They will not be content if Israel gives them the "occupied territories", the Gaza strip and the West Bank. They want to annihilate Israel.
     Likely you have heard an Arab say on the news that all they want is the "occupied territories". This is not true. Muslims believe that Islam must take over the world. Since this is their belief, we can be sure that they will not stop trying to get more land, should they gain the "occupied territories".

Here we show the Jewish State on the left and the Arab States on the right.

Jewish State:Arab States:
  *Arab States
Jewish State 
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     Since Israel became a nation in 1948, it has been under attack. In order to survive, Israel has to have one of the most advanced military forces in the world.

     The world in general hates Israel and the Jews. The media hates and usually tries to put a bad slant on Israel. The Jewish people have been hated in times past, and it is no different now. Why does the world hate Israel? They are God's Chosen People, and the world rejects God.

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