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Should We Fight Iraq?

     In these times, many people are asking, "Should we go to war on Iraq? What is the Christian perspective on the issue of war?"

     Everyone knows that Saddam Hussein is a murderer. Everyone knows that he caused a lot of deaths in the Gulf War in 1991. Some people know that he tests warfare on his own people. This is a truly evil man. What does the Bible say about people like this?
Moreover ye shall take no satisfaction for the life of a murderer, which is guilty of death: but he shall be surely put to death. (Numbers 35:31)
     Now many countries are accusing him of creating nuclear and biological weapons. What is the truth? Should the world go into Iraq and remove Saddam from power? The United Nations has sent weapons inspectors to Iraq, who have found little evidence of the banned weapons. They have found some, but in a country the size of Iraq, it is very hard to find weapons that are probably kept deep underground. Furthermore, some of them have likely been smuggled to different nations altogether. The world knew some time after the Gulf War that Saddam was once again misbehaving, by creating banned weapons of mass destruction. Saddam has destroyed a few of his arms in order to give the appearance of submission to the UN. Most of his weaponry is well hidden, including chemical warfare, which he has given no evidence that he has destroyed, no promises that he will, nor will he even admit that he has them. Not that a promise by an evil man means anything. Many evil people have made promises to the world that they have not the least intention of keeping. Hitler made such promises, and they could not have been much farther from the truth.

     The Arab world says, "We want Peace!" Where is the evidence? The sacred book of the Muslims, the Koran, says that Islam's goal is to annihilate Israel, and then the West! They even chant in their demonstrations, "First we will fight the Saturday people; then we will fight the Sunday people."
     Islam is not a peace loving religion. However, many "Muslims" are peaceful. This merely shows that they are not very true to their religion. The faithful Muslims are those who commit suicide attacks on non-Muslim countries. The media often calls those who fight for Islam "extremists" or "fanatics". They are not "extremists"; they are true followers of Islam. Luckily, there are very few Muslims who are that faithful to their religion. If all Muslims were true to their faith, all non-Muslim countries would probably have been completely destroyed long ago.

     Now back to the war with Iraq. We are showed supposed “evidence” about links between Iraq and a terrorist network. This should not surprise us. Saddam gives money to the families of suicide bombers; should it be hard to believe he would support other methods of terror?

     Some countries want to wait and put off war as long as possible, and this would be a good idea, if it weren't for the fact that he has been given far too long already. At the point of this writing, France and Germany are against going to war with Iraq.

     It is always hard to make the preemptive strike that is sometimes necessary. If it had been done when the Nazis were building up their forces, much of World War II and the Holocaust could have been avoided. If it had been done when the Japanese invaded Manchuria, much of World War II in the Pacific could have been avoided. If Germany, Italy, and Japan had been stopped before they had multiplied their forces, World War II, as we know it, would likely not have started. Some would have been killed in the stopping of these nations, but millions of lives and countless dollars could have been saved, had they acted sooner. Any war should be avoided as much as possible, but in a sinful world, sometimes attack is necessary. We should not try to trick ourselves into believing that wars are a thing of the past. They will be in abundance, as Jesus says will be in the last days:

And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. (Matthew 24:6)
     The countries involved must deal wisely, and it is the governments’ job to make good decisions that will keep the people of their nation free from fear of terror. As Christians, it is our job to live for Him, not for those of this earth, although we are to follow the government’s decisions unless they contradict the Bible. (see Romans 13:1-7) If we are true believers in Jesus Christ, we are also to pray for the government, (1 Timothy 2:1,2) and since our home is not here, but above, let us not be overly concerned about the things of the world.

     If you are reading this and are not saved, if you can't look to a point in your life when you accepted Jesus Christ, you can accept Jesus as your personal savior. This acceptance of Jesus is explained at the page Salvation.

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