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Creation vs. Evolution:
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Answers in Genesis

Ken Ham
Answers in Genesis is a premier source of Biblical authority and creation/evolution information including dinosaurs, the gap theory, humanism, and dating methods. Thousands of articles, multimedia programs, and powerful resources on this web site (updated daily) provide answers from Genesis and expose the flaws of Darwinism and humanistic philosophy.

Creation Science Evangelism

Kent Hovind
Creation Science Evangelism is an excellent ministry dealing with Creation vs. Evolution. Also, the presentation the Gospel is emphasized, as Kent Hovind presents his powerful message on the web. One of the main features include "Dinosaurs and the Bible".

Institute for Creation Research
Institute for Creation Research is a good ministry dealing with Creation vs. Evolution.

Creation Research

John Mackay
Creation Research is an great ministry dealing with Creation vs. Evolution.


The Insectman
Exterminate Evolutionism

Defending the Scriptures:
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The Berean Call

Dave Hunt
The Berean Call is a nonprofit corporation that exists to -
ALERT believers in Christ to unbiblical teachings and practices impacting the church.
EXHORT believers to give greater heed to biblical discernment and truth regarding teachings and practices being currently promoted in the church.
SUPPLY believers with teaching, information, and materials which will encourage the love of God's truth, and assist in the development of biblical discernment.
MOBILIZE believers in Christ to action in obedience to the scriptural command to earnestly contend for the faith (Jude 3).
IMPACT the church of Jesus Christ with the necessity for trusting the Scriptures as the only rule for faith, practice, and a life pleasing to God.

Way of Life Literature

David W. Cloud
Way of Life Literature is a Fundamental Baptist preaching and publishing ministry. At the Way of Life web site you will find thousands of books and articles that have been placed there for the edification and protection of God's people.

According to the Scriptures
According to the Scriptures is a highly recommended web site where topical resources for Bible believing Christians living in these last days can be found. Features many articles and links!

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Kjos Ministries

Berit Kjos
This excellent web site reveals the problems with many books, toys, TV shows, and also events. I recommend this site, especially to those who are having problems with such issues!

Biblical Discernment MinistriesI especially recommend this site's article on Christmas!

Bible Believers 

Jesus is LordThis is a good KJV site!

Bible TruthsPresenting many good articles on holidays, this site is linked to from our "Holydays" page

The King James Version Bible:
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Blue Letter BibleWe highly recommend this excellent searchable Bible on the web, featuring KJV only!

Audio Bible OnlineThe entire Bible in audio format is on the web! KJV as read by Alexander Scourby.

Online BibleDownload the Bible to your computer! The Online Bible is an excellent free program for your studies!

The Gospelcom BibleSearchable Bible on the web, multiple versions available for study!

Unbound BibleYet another Bible on the web, multiple versions available for study!

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God's Simple Plan of SalvationHow to get saved:

Saved.comSalvation is explained, along with numerous articles and testimonies!

WePersuadeMen.orgSalvation is explained in the tract titled You can go to Hell! - Recommended!

News & Current Events:
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Calvary ContenderContending for Jesus while presenting the News in a Christian view.

God's World NewsRecommended news site for Children and Teenagers.

World Net DailyWorld Net Daily is a large news network run by an Arab who became a Christian. They present world news, with a slight Christian view. Although a good place to find news, WND often displays news stories before they can be certain.

Child Training:
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No Greater Joy

Michael Pearl
How to train your child in the way he should go.

Christian Resources & Tracts
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Chick Tracks

Jack Chick
Excellent illustrated tracts for nearly every subject, including Cults, Catholicism, Salvation, and much, much, more!

Other Christian sites of interest:
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Cyber HymnalYour favorite Hymns with words and music online!

Disclaimer: does not necessarily agree with all information, and/or beliefs found on these sites, and/or their ministries.

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